7 Reasons You Should Keep On Taking Your Tea Every Morning

 We are used to taking tea in our daily life. We are so used to taking tea that it has somehow became addictive. Missing out tea on a single day can make your day rough. We have come up with the importance of taking a cup of tea on daily basis.

Health benefits for drinking tea daily

1. Tea helps in in boosting our exercises.
Tea has catechins which are antioxidants and are normally found in green tea. These antioxidants have the capability of burning out fuel very fast. Meaning when we do our exercises while taking tea, we end burning unwanted fats very fast.

2. Helps in reducing heart attacks.
Doctors recommend drinking tea in order to reduce the chances of heart attack. Actually tea helps in protecting us from cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

3. Helps in lowering the chances of cancer.
The antioxidants that are found in tea are important in protecting from cancers including the colon, lung, skin, breast and other common cancers.

4. Tea makes one hydrated.
When it comes to hydration, tea is one of the perfect method to make sure your body water level is on top. So drinking tea helps alot.

5. Tea acts as a UV rays shield.
Green tea is known for long to have the ability to act as a sunscreen. This is actually a good news if you are a regular tea user.

6. It helps to recover body from radiation.
Exposure to radiation usually degrades the cells. A study which was done discovered that tea actually protect human against cellular degeneration when one is exposed to radiations.

7. Helps in strengthening the bones.
Another imprtance of taking tea is that the green tea has been associated which increasing the density of the bone minerals.

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