The Secret Of Reducing Weight The Healthy Way

How long have you been struggling to cut down the weight you are having? How many exercises have you tried with no luck? What about the starvation you had been undergoing for weeks? Obviously there is no short cut to lose weight, you have to work for it. But do you really know how to shed those extra kilos? Here we are going to show you how to eat well and reduce those weight in matter of days naturally.

#1 Have a hearty breakfast. Every morning you should eat meal with proteins and high fibre. Never ever try to skip breakfast. The first meal when you wake up is important because it ignites your metabolism. Skipping breakfast will make you eat more during the day thus inviting more extra weight to your body.

#2 Eat more fruits. More fruits means more fibres, vitamins and antioxidants. Nutritionists always recommends people to eat more fruits and vegetables like lettuce, spinach, carrots etc because of there high nutritional values.

#3 Eat fresh foods. Always avoid preserved foods. Hydrogenated and fatty oils should be prohibited. These are junk foods with empty calories and should be avoided because they will immediately impact your tummy. Always eat cooked food from home.

#4 Eat good fat always. Not all fats are bad. There are some which are good. These include coconut oil, ghee, whole egg, and fatty fish. Avoid processed fats like the hydrogenated oils, they will clog your arteries.

#5 Eat whole grains. Whole grains such as beans, corns, wheat, peas are encouraged because they have high quality of fibre meaning they can stay for long in your body. They make you feel full for quite along time thus reducing temptations for junk foods.

#6 Eat at regular intervals. This method of having meal at regular intervals is a key to reducing body weight. Try to shorten your meal intervals to 6-7 by eating short meals every day. This will activate your metabolic activities thus keeping your body active in burning calories. Extending meal intervals will reduce your metabolic activities thus making your body burn less fats.

#7 Lean proteins. Protein is important because it builds more muscles and reduces fats. Lean proteins such as chicken and fish is better compared to red meat, bacon and sausage.

#8 Consume less salt. The more salt you take, the more you retain body water and gain weight. Avoid salt when eating those fries and chips.

# 9 Eat less sugar. More calories are found on refined sugar, try to avoid it. Also be very keen for cereals and packed foods because they might contain high sugar concentrate.

#10 Eat less and controlled. Make sure what you eat is in small quantity. You can eat everything but in small portions. Avoid eating more than one plate. The more you eat the more you expose yourself to more calories.

#11 Eat on time. Create an eating time table. Make sure you try to eat food at the same time every single day. This will activate your brains to release metabolic activity at required times every day.

#12 Drink more water. Water helps in aiding digestion, flushing out toxins, maintaining electrolyte and preventing constipation. Starting with a glass every morning means cleansing digestive system and improving metabolic activity. Drinking water regularly helps in avoiding taking in extra calories in form of food or beverages. [Read: Why excess intake of water is dangerous]

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