How To Make Cream Scrambled Eggs Like a True Chef

We always fry out our eggs when the urge of protein intake craves inside our minds. But the question is, "how do you prepare your egg fry?". Everyone will tell you how perfect they are in making scrambled eggs but few can attest this delicious meal.

Egg is a highly nutritious food that should be added to your daily diet. Eggs actually is a powerhouse for disease fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin. Also the rich protein helps to keep your body muscle healthy. There is no reason why you should avoid egg meal on your diet.

Ok, back to the recipe.

How to prepare scrambled egg


2 large eggs
6 tablespoon cream/ full-cream milk
1 teaspoon butter/Olive oil
A pinch of salt


First crack the eggs into the bowl and add both the salt and cream/cream milk. Beat them vigorously until the mixture has  smoothed and became uniform.

Second step is to pre-heat the frying pan on a medium heat for about a minute then add your butter or the olive oil. Wait for the butter to melt before pouring your egg mixture. If you are using butter, make sure it does not turn brown when heating it because it will discolour the eggs.

Now the third step is to leave the mixture to cook for around 20 seconds before you start lifting it over, folding and flipping it to the opposite side. Leave it for another 10 seconds and start folding it until the egg are soft and running in places.

Now you take off the pan from the heat and allow the egg to finish cooking through the heat from the pan. This is the actual key to perfect scrambled eggs.

Final you can decorate, add your spices or if seasoning necessary. Serve while its still hot.

There you go. Your morning diet will be different. Feel free to drop your comments.

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