Battling With Dry Skin? Here Are 5 Foods To Keep You Moist All Day

During cold and dry seasons, our skins most of the time tend to be dry. This is mostly contributed by the fact that we consume less water. This results to developing dry, flaky and lifeless skin texture. Although there are many moisturizing creams in the market to protect our skins, experts suggest the solution  to this problem lies in proper nutrition and diet.

The following are some of foods that you are supposed to eat to keep your skin moist.

#1 Sweet potatoes. Potatoes contain vitamin A which is responsible in repairing our skins. Also it contains beta-carotene which helps in protecting the skin against cold weathers.

#2 Seeds and nuts. These contain antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. Your skin will be smoother when you regularly eat nuts and seeds. This is because they starve off and repair damaged cell skins from free radicals and they accelerate the process of skin repair. Seeds such as almond, walnuts and sunflower are in the top list in vitamin E content.

#3 Spinach. Spinach is among the dark green vegetables. They are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as iron and vitamin E. The repair and maintenance of skin repair process are managed by the presence of vitamin A and C. Spinach is also loaded with antioxidants and water for maximum hydration.

#4 Avocado. Avocado are liked by many people because of its taste and the way they can easily blend with any kind of prepared food. These fruits are rich in antioxidant, betacarotene, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and E. These fruits when consumed give you a full dose of nourishment that will keep dryness away. Nutritionists encourage daily consumption of this fruit.

#5 Fish. Fish such tuna, salmon, sardines when properly prepared can give you the maximum benefits. Fish contains rich omega 3. Healthy ways of preparing fish include steaming, baking, grilling and deep frying. Fish consumption also fight skin inflammation.

Ok, there you have it. Your eating habits will actually affect the way your skin look hence its important to eat proper diet. Aside from healthy eating, don't forget to apply those creams on your body.

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