6 Shocking Benefits Of Eating Banana Peels.

I know it will be strange when you visit your neighbour one day and find them eating banana peels. Its is kind of strange thing that most of use have never heard about it. We usually peel away the banana and only eat the sweet content of it. The other parts we trash them in the garbage.

Well, you don't actually know what you are missing. According the research done on banana peels, it has been found to contain high amount of nutrients and carbohydrates. It also contains rich vitamins such as B6 and B12, magnesium and potassium. This is the main reason why Indians have been eating banana peels for centuries.

Ok, here are some of the benefits of eating banana peels.

#1 Cardiovascular health. Banana peels can actually get rid of atherosclerosis from your body by preventing cholesterol from sticking on the walls of your arteries

#2 Helps in digestion. Banana peels helps in easing digestion because of its high amount of fibre content.  The fibre accumulates in the intestine and make it heavy. This as a result helps in removing and easing the relaxation of the intestines.

#3 Anti-depressant. Banana peels are known to relieve one from depressant and make them feel good. Banana peels are rich in serotonin which is well known for boosting the moods of an individual and make them happy.

#4 Makes you have better sleep. The tryptophan found in the banana peels is good in relaxing you and makes one to have a better sleep.

 #5 Lowers cholesterol levels. Banana peels actually contains more soluble and insoluble fibre, meaning they are much better in lowering your cholesterol levels. This as a result will helps in keeping cardiovascular, heart disease, stroke, and cancer at bay. Daily drinking of banana smoothie with keep your body safe.

#6 Red blood cell protective agent. Research has been found that banana peels protect red blood cells from breaking down. Infact the green banana peels act more effective in protecting the body from free radicals.

Banana peels skin benefits include:

#1 Its a teeth whitening agent. Banana has high amount of potassium, magnesium and manganese. These three acts as a whitening agent. Rubbing your teeth with the peels for a period of 2 weeks will make you see that huge difference.

#2 Removes warts. Warts are those small growth that protrude from your skin. If you apply banana peels on your skill it will remove the warts and also prevent them from occurring in the future.

#3 Anti-aging property. With the antioxidants, having the habit of applying banana peel on your skin will keep your body young forever.

#4 Pain reliever. Banana is an analgesic agent and can be used to treat psoriasis. Applying banana peels on sore areas acts as a perfect pain reliever.

Ok, these are some of the benefits of eating and using banana in your daily life. Banana peels can either be blended to make smoothie, fried, baked. of boil for 10 minutes before using them. You can enjoy your banana peel juice now.

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