Different Ways To Prepare and Eat Moringa

Moringa, also known as drumstick is a heaven of all nutrients. From the tree, flowers, pods, leaves and stem, all these have nutrients. Some herbalists have gone to the extend of claiming to cure almost all ailments in the world (it has therapeutic value in nature). This moringa plant has vitamins B and C, iron, calcium, antioxidants and inflammatory properties. With all these elements, moringa is a must to any serious person who want to live healthy life.

Well, to spice up the consumption of moringa, here are ways on how you can eat this healthy food like never before.

#1 Add it in soup. The moringa pod and leaves can make a good soup. They also have equal nutrients qualities. The good thing is that they don't lose there effectiveness whether boiled or dried.  You can soak the pods and leaves to make a good soup out of them.

#2 Make moringa pickles. You have tried the lemon and mango pickles, right? Why not try with moringa? You can use mustard, tamarid, tumeric, garlic powder, refined oil, vinegar and sesame oil. This switch to moringa pickles will make you want more and more.

#3 Add it in curry. Those chicken and mutton curry can be added an extra taste with moringa. When preparing your curry, add 3 moringa pods and feel that taste down to your throat.

#4 Make smoothie. The dried pods and leaf powder can be good additive to your smoothie. Next time you prepare your fruit smoothie you can add the moringa to maximize the nutrients contents. Also it will make your smoothie attractive. [Read: How to prepare beetroot smoothie]

#5 Tea. Did you know moringa can be used to make tea? Yes. Start adding 2-3 dry moringa pods to your boiling water and leave about two minutes to soak. Add sugar or honey and drink it like a herb.

Ok. These are some of the ways you can prepare moringa. You can drop any other way to prepare this heavenly food on the comment section.

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