7 Home Remedies To Fight Flu and Cold

Lets spit it, flu and cold sucks. A weekend spent suffering from these two ailment is a nightmare. Worse is when it occurs at night and you don't have any medicine to stop it. Sometimes you might have a running nose while you are at the office or in a meeting. It is a really bad experience that many people have experience at least once in their life time.

Apart from using medicines, regular exercises and flu shot, you can actually use foods that are at your free disposal at home to boost your immunity against cold and flu. There are known foods that are capable of keeping flu and cold at bay. They include the following:

#1 Garlic. Garlic is supposed to be added to your daily diet because of its ability to scare away bacteria and viruses causing sickness. Garlic contains allicin which has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Consuming garlic in tea or food will promote healthy gut and remove toxins, bacteria and viruses.

#2 Beef. Beef contains zinc which helps in the creation of white blood cells. WBC  helps in boosting the immunity of a person. Also beef contains protein which helps the body in building antibodies and to fight any infections.

#3 Sweet potatoes. The health of the mucous surface is important. Sweet potatoes plays a major role in maintaining the health of these surface. The vitamin A in sweet potatoes helps in fighting any infection entering your body. It is important to keep your mucus membrane healthy so as to avoid any infections. You can have a meal of baked or boiled sweet potatoes.

#4 Turmeric. Turmeric is considered a super food. The rich yellow powder is high in antioxidant and is known to be rich in anti-inflammatory properties. When consumed daily, it can expel all body toxins. People who have added turmeric on there diet are less likely to catch flu, colds, coughs or congestion. You can add turmeric to your soup or on your food

#5 Dark green vegetables. Dark leafy greens are rich in vutamin C. Vegetables such as kale, spinach, arugala are great source to fighting cold. Vitamin C has been known by nutritionists to reduce the duration  of cold. Try steaming these greens or prepare some salad to add those nutrients to your body.

#6 Fish. Fish such as tuna and salmon are a source of vitamin D. Apart from getting exposure from the sun, eating diets rich in vitamin D is also important. Vitamin D helps in reducing respiratory track infections. Try roasting salmon with eggs or yoghurt to increase vitamin D nutrients.

#7 Chicken soup. When you prepare chicken soup, it releases amino acid cysteine, which resembles a drug treating bronchitis. Also the hot soup raises the body temperature in airways and body to loosen mucus secretion. Chicken soup has been used for ages to relieve sickness.

Ok, now you have it. These are home remedies to stop cold and flu infection. Also don't forget to to some exercises to expand the airways.

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