6 Leftover Foods You Must Not Eat The Following Day

Leftover foods are tempting. Imagine the yesterday party chicken that was only half eaten or the buns that were never touched. Also knowing that you have leftovers on the fridge makes you lazy to go back to the kitchen to prepare a fresh meal. Although we are not recommended to throw away foods, there are some foods that are not recommended to be eaten the next day. The  following are some of the foods that you should avoid as leftovers.

#1 Sushi. Thumb rule for sushi: They must be eaten while fresh. The idea of packing sushi to be eaten the next day is out of question. Most sushi use raw fish that spoil quickly. If you don't want stomach upsets then avoid eating sushi leftover immediately.

#2 Burger. I know what you are thinking, if i can reheat pizza and enjoy it after a day why not burgers? Well, burgers contains raw lettuce and tomatoes that makes the buns turn soggy because of the high water contents. Also, raw veggies always tend to spoil much more quickly and may attract bacteria fast.

#3 Egg content foods. According to United States Food and Drug Administration, egg based food should be eaten immediately after cooking. This excludes any idea of re-heating these kinds of food. The scrambled eggs or egg desserts should not stay for a day and eat the next day unless you want to be sick.

#4 Pasta with creamy sauces. Pasta usually dry up when stored in the refrigerator. Also when stored in a moist environment it becomes a breeding ground for bacterial. So you will be left out of choices, either you eat less tasty dry pasta, or expose yourself to bacteria. Lastly, reheating your pasta the next morning will surely release all those greasy butter.

#5 Noodle soup. Who doesn't love noodle soup? Its easy and quick to prepare. But what if you leave the soup to the next day to became more 'tastier?' Well, the noodles will likely release starch which will make your soup cloggy, greasy and messy. Surely you don't want to eat that!

#6 Salads. You prepared your pilau or biryan with some salads. The salad cannot withstand to be stored until the next day. Since salads ingredients are mainly raw, storing them will risk high bacterial contamination. Salad should be a one time use only.

So what will happen if you found to have these leftovers in your kitchen, what should you do? Answer is simple, avoid making excess foods that you cannot eat.

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