6 Bad Breath Causing Foods That You Innocently Eat Daily

Daily hygiene is necessary. The most important is keeping your body and mouth clean. We normally interact with people in our lives hence keeping yourself clean is important. Although we try to maintain our hygiene statuses, sometimes we find ourselves in situations that cant be easily avoided. Example you innocently ordered some egg fries and yoghurt for lunch before that crucial meeting with the company executives and later you find out your mouth is giving out foul smell. Well, it happens sometime, and all these depend on the foods you eat.  

Here is a list of foods that cause bad breath

#1 Garlic. Garlic contains sulphuric compounds which emits that odour. The compounds are easily absorbed into our blood stream and later released from our lungs via breath and even our skin pores. This makes our body smell the odour that most of us dislike. Although garlic has a bad smell, we are encouraged to eat them because of the high antioxidant contents.

#2 Onions. Just like garlic, onion also contain sulphuric compounds. Eating raw onions in salads has the highest odour content. It is encouraged to fry or boil onions to lower the sulphuric smell.

#3 Dairy products. Milk is important because it has high high calcium content and is healthy but also it has its own downsides. When you eat dairy products, your mouth became a good habour for bacteria. The bacteria sole purpose is to feed on the amino acids from the milk and cheese residue left behind. As a result, you create a foul smell on your mouth.

#4 Tuna fish. Tuna smell is disturbing especially eating canned tuna fish. The smell is as a result of oxidizing taking place after canning process. To be general, all seafood stink, but processed tuna is the champion. Having a tuna meal for lunch requires an immediate hygienic intervention.

#5 Coffee. Coffee is a drying agent, meaning it inhibits the flow of saliva. This results to a dry mouth. A dry mouth easily attracts harmful bacteria. Saliva normally acts as a cleaner to remove food particles and bacteria, without it means you are likely to attract bacteria thus making your mouth emit foul smell.

#6 Horseradish. Horseradish is extracted from a plant that produces isothiocyanate. It is a natural chemical that has odour. So next time you try to prepare your cocktail sauce, or dressing your meal to have that unique flavour, remember that horseradish will mess up your mouth good.

With the above mention foods, we do not necessarily mean that you totally avoid consuming these foods. Just eat them as usual but remember to brush your teeth or floss with mouthwash afterwards. 

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