5 Natural Foods That Can Treat Asthma Without Doctor's Intervention

Asthma is a huge mess to humans. Its stops you from having extra fun that most other normal people do. Imagine you are limited to ride bicycle, hiking across mountains, vigor running, dusty environment, even smelling certain scents and perfumes. Over doing such things will lead to an asthma attack. Although asthma is said to be a permanent ailment to humans, some people have actualy found ways to fully eradicate the disease from there bodies. Here we are going to show you some foods that will help you stop and over come the dependency of using medications expecially the inhaler.

Foods that can eradicate asthma for good.

#1 Garlic and onions. We use onion every day in our daily meals but most of us dont know the magic of it. Onions are rich in anti-inflammatory compound known as quercetun that helps in relieving allergies. Also they contain thiosulphates that have active anti-inflammatory properties hence acts as a direct anti-asthmatic. On the other hand both the garlic and onion stimulate the excretory organs to strenghthen the lungs. An onion and garrlic soup everyday will keep those triggers away.

#2 Magnesium. According to research, it has been found that magnesium relaxes the muscles in the respiratory track. Magnesium is abundantly found in dark green vegetables. Foods such as figs, banana, cashew nuts, dark chocolate and pumkin seed are rich source for magnesium. It is also known that children who lack magnesium in their bodies risk high chances of developing asthma.

#3 Flaxseeds. Two spoon full of freshly ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil is able to cure an asthma attack effectively. Infact some nutritionists consider flaxseed as the most powerful foods in the world because of its different nutrient compostion. The omega 3 fatty acid acts as an anti-inflammatory to the body.

#4 Vitamin D. Vitamin D can be freely available if you regularly expose your self under the sun. Several studies have shown that decrease in vitamin D contributes to the higher level of asthma attacks. Also food suppliments such as cheese, egg york, fatty fish such as tuna and salmon can easily increase the level of the vitamin.

#5 Foods with vitamin C. Vitamin C lessens the spasms of the bronchial passages. It also helps in decreasing the inflammatory effects. Daily consumption of mangoes, guava, tomato, pawpaw, orange, and green vegetable will do the trick.

#6 Tumeric. Daily spoonful of tumeric powder with black pepper can help you ease the chest problems. Tumeric is able to lower the activities of inflammatory enzymes LOX and COX2 to provide relief for asthma.

Ok, if you add these foods to your daily diet then for sure those attacks will be history. Make sure you avoid foods such as diary, junk and processed foods, sugar and cold food, these will expose you asthmatic triggers.

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