13 Foods That Have High Cancer Causing Risks

Back in the 80's, 70's and decades ago there was nothing like cancer. If there was any then cases were very few, and it was not known. Nowadays 'cancer' is a homestead name. Everyone, even the young lings know what is cancer. Cancer cases has became a norm in our daily lives.

The question is, how is it nowadays compared to our granny days there are rampant cases of cancer?

The answer lies on the food you eat. Human kind has developed weird ways of expressing how they eat. From eating processed foods to junk food, the humans have found ways to eat delicacy that was not a tradition 100 years ago. The foods we nowadays eat are the main cause of cancer. Today we are going to list foods that causes cancer and you should avoid eating them.

Cancer causing foods include

#1 Microwave popcorns. The popcorn bags contains carcinogenic chemicals. This means the popcorns themselves have contact with the chemical. When you put the popcorns inside the microwave and wait for the snacks in order to catch that movie then you risk yourself liver, pancreatic and testicular cancer. So is it worth it?

#2 Non-organic produce. Most farmers use fertilizer on agriculture. Some of these fertilizers contain banned substances such as Altrazine. Altrazine is a weed killer and is toxic to humans. So those veggies and fruits you buy from the market should be thoroughly washed before thinking of eating them.

#3 Canned tomatoes. These are tomatoes stored in cans for durability. The thing is that these tomatoes are acidic. The chemical BPA leeches from the lining of tomatoes and became toxic to humans. Cancers, heart diseases are linked to the BPA chemical.

#4 Processed meat. Processed meats are loaded with excessive salts that damages your health. They are preserved with carcinogens to make them look fresh. According to research, eating processed meat has 44 percent chance of getting cancer.

#5 farm raised fish. Most of our fish ponds are contaminated with antibiotics, chemicals, carcinogens and pesticides. The fish are fed with unnatural diet to make the bigger and fatter. Eating farm raised fish will likely expose you to cancer.

#6 Potato chips. They are crispy, tasty, cheap and addicting snacks. They may be nice to eat but they are harmful to your health. Potato chips have high sodium levels which cause high blood pressure. The presence of acrymalide which is also found in cigarettes posses a huge risk to the consumer.

#7 Hydrogenated oils. These cannot be extracted naturally like olive, soy or sunflower oil, they are chemically removed. They are commonly used in preserved food to extend shelf life. To avoid cancer and heart diseases, avoid using hydrogenated oils .

#8 Processed white flour. They are passed through chlorine gas to bleach the flour. White flour contains glycemic which increases blood pressure. Avoid any refined grains to avoid cancerous tumors.

#9 GMO's. These are genetically modified organisms. These biologically modified foods have been found to cause tumours. Tests done on lab rats have found GMO to be hazardous when ingested by humans.

#10 Refined sugars. High fructose corn syrup has been known to feed cancer cells. This means consumption of any refined sugar speeds up the growth of cancer cell to humans. It is time to avoid any sugar that has a 'refined' label.

#11 Alcohol. It is no news, alcohol is leading in causing cancer after tobacco.Excessive consumption of alcohol is known to  cause stroke, heart failure and death. Alcohol is associated with liver, mouth, colon, esophagus, mouth, breast and rectum cancer.

#12 Soft drinks. The soda we buy at the canteen are packed with artificial ingredients, sugars and calories. They have no nutritional benefits. Avoid them like plague because research has found drinking two  sodas per week increase the chances of pancreatic cancer.

#13 Red meat. Read meat is good, but it has its own risks. People eating red meat daily have a 20-22 percent of developing deadly cancers. Red meat is mostly known to cause colon cancers.

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