7 Must Know Benefits Of Dry Dates

When we hear dates we always associate them with muslim fasting season. During this season dates are always abundant and found everywhere. It is believed they give instant energy when you spend a whole day without eating (obvious its the high content of glucose and fructose). Well, these fruits should be added to your regular diet because they have more benefits than you can imagine; from bone health to boosting energy and more.

Ok, one thing you should know is that dates contain a higher concentrate of calories, so if you are on weight loss mission you should restrict your intake. However, these fruits contain high fibre and protein concentrate to help your body look healthy. Also dates are good source of calcium and vitamin C.

Here are the benefits of dates when added to your daily diet.

#1 Its heart friendly. Dates keeps the heart in check because they are low in calcium and rich in potassium which regulates the blood pressure. The good part of these fruits is that they contain negligible amount of cholesterol and low in fat content.

#2 Improves digestion. Dry dates contains soluble and insoluble fibres. These helps in absorption of foods by the secretion of digestive juices. Also these dates contain anti-oxidants which are responsible for stimulating metabolism thus reducing weight.

#3 Constipation reliever. Dates are mostly known for there relieve in constipation.  The presence of dietary fibre contributes in the laxation of the digestive pathway. Having foods rich in fibre in your daily diet helps much in having an active and happy gut.

#4 Bone health. Calcium is found abundantly on dry dates. Calcium is important in bone and teeth formation. Having 2-3 dates daily will make sure that you have a health and strong bones and avoid osteoporosis and arthritis problems.

#5 Energy booster. With it rich content of natural occurring sugars, they give you instant energy and stamina. Take a handful of them after work out and refill back your lost energy.

#6 Youthful skin. An element of ant-aging to the skin. Dates contains vitamin B5 which repairs damage skin cells caused by free radicals. Also the anti-oxidants present in the dates helps in attaining youthful skin. Also it improves skin texture and nourishes it.

#7 Strong hairs. Having problems with falling hairs? You need to add dates to your regular diet. The presence of vitamin B5 helps in maintaining a healthy scalp and strengthening the hair roots. Dryness, splitting of hairs at the end will be history.

Ok, there you go. Next time you visit your grocery and find those dry dates don't be shy, grab some because they work wonders.

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