Exceeding Water Intake Is Dangerous To Your Body

Every doctor will recommend you to drink at least eight glasses per day. This will keep your body hydrated and maintain the normal activity inside you. But what if you exceed the required 8 glasses and instead drink 20 or 30 glasses in a single day?

Actually on real life situations, nobody will be able to reach 20-30 glasses a day so doctors won’t bother giving you a prior warning when you exceed the required amount.

When one consumes excess water, you actually dilute the blood thus decreasing the concentration of electrolytes and sodium in your body.
 According to Dr. Tamara Hew-Butler, a science professor at Oakland university, if our brain cells swell up to 10 percent, it can reach our skull and possibly push the brain stem out of its place.

So when will you actually know that your water intake has drastically increased to high levels in your body? Here are some of the the signs to tell:

#1 Filling water bottle several times. If you have a 500ml and you have refilled it more than 6 times then you are probably dehydrated.

#2 Clear urine.  If your urine is transparent then it’s a sign your body is telling you to stop taking more water.

#3 You feel nauseous. Drinking a lot of water means you are giving your kidney hard times to get rid of the excess water. The excess water starts getting collected in your body with can results to feeling nauseated, diarrhea or at some cases vomiting.

#4 You wake up in the middle of the night to pee. It has always occurred to almost everyone at sometimes in life. This means the gall bladder is full of water from previous days. Frequent peeing prevents you from having a good sleep.

#5 Frequent headaches.  The low sodium count of your blood results to swelling up of cells which may cause the brain to expand in size. This expansion pushes the brain against the skull thus causing a sensation of pains.

#6 Muscles cramps. Low level of electrolytes due to diluted blood can cause muscle spasm or cramps. Electrolytes in the body are important because they allow our muscles to contract and expand easily during workouts.

#7 Feel tired. Since all the energy is being channeled to the overworked kidneys, the rest of the body will generally feel tired hence making you exhausted.

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