11 Sure Ways Of Maintaining Your Body Weight

Have you heard about food stress? This usually occurs mostly to women who are under stress. It might be work stress, boyfriend stress, home stress etc. To some women, to release this stress  they tend to eat more than what their bodies requires. As a result increase it body mass and weight.

Also there are certain situations where someone has spent months trying to get slimmer. After achieving the goal, they tend to gain weight rapidly making the long wait effort useless. Well, there are certain foods that you are supposed to eat in order to maintain your current weight and shape forever. This diet includes:

#1 Eat carbohydrates. Reducing your carbohydrate intake will sure make you reduce weight, but also you must not completely cut out this diet because it is your major source of calories.

#2 Eat fruits. Fruits such as apples, pears, and berries contains high levels of flavonoids which  is a natural antioxidant compound. Flavonoid is linked with the attributes of less gain weight so its important in your diet.

#3 Eat more fibre content foods. The more time the food gets ingested in the body, the more you keep your body full and satisfied. Foods such as grains, vegetable, and lean protein contain high source of fibre contents.

#4 Count your calories. It is important to check and maintain your calories. The more calories you take means the more calories you need to burn hence it is important to check the content of calories in food and the amount of calories you burn every day.

#5 Say bye to sugar. Refined sugar has a zero source of calories hence a major culprit of weight gain. You should instead switch to natural occurring sugars such as honey or jiggery.

#6 Don’t miss breakfast. Balancing your calories is the most important aspect of maintaining your body weight. Breakfast meals sets the path for the entire day. Make sure you consume wholesome meal with right nutrients to kick start your day. This will keep metabolism on check and burn of extra calories throughout the day.

#7 Use your oven often.  Deep frying kills most of the nutrients in food. So you should try cooking like grilling, boiling and roasting. These preserves the nutrients content.

#8 Don’t starve. Starving yourself can change the metabolic activities hence shift certain hormones that regulate appetite. These two factors can contribute to weight gain.

#9 Daily exercises. You should atleast workout for 30 minutes daily. This helps to burn up calories you consumed earlier. Also you will achieve energy balance and increase your metabolism.

#10 Lift weight. Weight lifting builds lean muscles which as a result tones you up. It also improves your metabolic rate.

#11 Sleep well. Lack of sleep is a risk factor of body weight gain. Less sleep secretes more ghrelin ‘hunger hormones’ which increase your appetite levels.

Now you have it. Use this tips in your daily activity for maximum weight shape.

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