Home Remedies To Cleanse Your Body Organs

Last time I was offered a cleansening pill by a hawker inside a passenger bus. He convinced almost everyone in the bus that their bodies aren’t ‘clean’. He gave us bunch of evidences to prove his facts and we all agreed to buy the pill but nobody knows if it helped or not. Well, he claimed to be a nutritionist but he failed to tell us what exactly was in the pill, all he said was ‘it contains natural herbs and has been approved for consumption’.
So can these herbs be locally available?
Yes, in fact you have been consuming them daily at home without you knowing. They including the following:

#1 Cilantro. This herb is commonly known for it sweet smell of foods. It is a detoxifying agent, has antibacterial composition and oils that are immune enhancing plus it helps remove heavy metals from our bodies. Other benefits of using cilantro on your daily foods is that it aids in digestion, fights stomach cramps and nausea, balances sugar levels, and is mildly laxative. You can eat it raw by adding it to your juice or spread it on your food. [Read: Benefits of Cilantro to health and skin]

#2 Milk Thistle. This herb is notorious in nourishing and rejuvenating dead cells. Has the capabilities of drawing out toxics from bodies. It is widely found in the Mediterranean countries, but nowadays it can be found in many parts of the world. For best results, milk thistle or ‘silymarin’ leaves and seeds should be consumed on an empty stomach.

#3 Neem. This is my favourite herb. It can cure fever, and at some points malaria like symptoms. Though it has a bitter taste, it is excellent for your liver and boost digestion. Bacteria and other microorganisms can be easily eliminated when you consume the leaves on daily basis. Other capabilities of the herb is that it is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic (can be used as soap) and has anti-viral properties.

#5 Mint. Mint is mostly used in toothpaste and chewing gums. Its leaves can be used to prepare mint tea. Mint contains high level of antioxidants. Drinking mint tea helps with irritated bowl syndrome. It acts as a cooling ingredient and deals with skin irritation. It whitens teeth, fight bad breath and also it’s a blood cleanser.

These are home remedies which can be easily found in our markets or on our farms. Add them to your diet regularly to constantly cleanse your body and stay healthy.

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