Defy Nature By Growing Young With These 8 Foods Found In Your Regular Grocery Shop

There is this woman you know out there who keeps on lying about her age. She keeps on telling everyone she’s in her late 20’s yet her face looks 40. Also there is this woman whom you have heard about even before you were born but she seems not to get old. Infact they get younger each day. These are two scenarios that we encounter everyday in our life. You keep on wondering what the former misses and the latter has. This all hasn’t to do with fountain of youth but the secret lies on the foods we eat.

If you want to look young forever you must develop the habit of eating the following types of foods:

#1 Avacado. Avacado contains Linoleic and Alpha linolenic acids which cannot be created by our body. These are essential fatty acids capable of building strong cell walls for beautiful and well nourished skin. Adding them in your diet will work wonders.

#2 Eggs. Eggs are the best source of proteins. The amount of protein in eggs is capable of fighting the visible signs of ageing since our hairs, skin and nails are 98 percent proteins. Lack of egg diet can result in premature ageing and worse droopy facial muscle. To avoid this you must consume egg diet regularly.

#3 Green vegetables. Dark green vegetables like kales, spinach, and mustard are full of polyphenois, antioxidants, and chlorophyll. They help in preserving collagens and building cell membranes that promotes smooth and supple skin.

#4 Blueberries.  They help to curb emotional stress, protect from harmful UV exposure from sun and repair damage cells. These sweets berries have more antioxidants than most other foods out there.

#5 Watermelon. It is true, watermelon are the best in providing lots of vitamin c, lycopene and potassium.  They help in regulating and balance water and nutrients in the cells.

#6 Yoghurt. They are great source of calcium. Yoghurt can also be applied on the human skin to keep it healthy. The lactic acid helps to dissolve dead skin and tightens pores.

#7 Almonds. These contain vitamin E which acts like antioxidant. Eating almond regularly helps in reducing wrinkles and make you look young forever.

#8 Lemon. Drinking two glasses of lime juice every day is a sure way of staying young forever. Lemon contain vitamin C which contributes to keeping your skin young and bright.

Now you have it. This is no secret. You can create your own fountain of youth by consuming these foods regularly. Aside from eating these foods, make sure you regularly detox your body from wastes that may clog your marvelous skin.

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