6 Alternative Foods That Outshine Milk In Calcium Content

Most people actually believe that a glass of milk is sufficient to give them the entire requirement a body needs. Some feel that without drinking milk after doing a heavy job, ie working tirelessly on dusty environment, you need a glass of milk to sooth the lungs. Well, actually there are certain foods that outshine milk in the intake of calcium. According to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a regular glass contains about 300mg of calcium compared to half cup of chickpeas that boost a 315mg of calcium. The following are foods that are better than milk in calcium.

#1 Chickpeas. These contain about 315 mg of calcium. They are also rich in fiber and protein. Preparing them is easy, just roast and consume them like snacks. You can add lemon, onions, and tomatoes to make a perfect soup.

#2 Any greens with dark leaves. There is a lore that dark matured leaves are tasteless and have no nutritional values. Most people would prefer the young and light green for consumption. According to USDA, darks greens like spinach, mustard leaves, kale, pigweed are greet calcium booster.  Two cups of turnip greens actually contains about 394 mg of calcium. Using them daily in your meal will boost your calcium intake to high levels.

#3 Almonds. All of us know that almonds are good at sharpening our memory, but are you aware that ¾ of almond can give you about 320 mg of calcium? Now you know.

#4 Salmon. Salmon contains up to 340 mg of calcium. That’s a big joy for the seafood lover. I know you can’t change your diet to eat salmon on daily basis but its good to know, at least next time you visit your seafood restaurant you feel like a nutritionist.

#5 Dried Figs. These are sweets fruits that are rich in calcium and are known for a strong dose of oxidants and calories. A half a cup of dried fig is equivalent to 320 mg of calcium. A handful of these treat in the morning can energize you till midday.

#6 Chia seeds. These are wildly consumed in Southern America. 100 grams of these seeds contain 631 mg of calcium, that’s twice the one found on milk.

Calcium is an important mineral in strengthening our bones and body. You should consume it regularly on your body. Make your you include these foods together with milk on your diet.

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