5 Foods That Sharpens Your Memory

Do you remember your 12th birthday? What about your first day in school? Or your first ever fight with your neighbour? If you can recall every single moment of your life then you have an incredible brain. If not, then you need to do something because the more older you get the more you keep on forgetting your recent activities. The good thing is, ‘there are foods than can boost your brain retentive memory.’

Foods that boost your memory include the following:

#1 Spinach. These are dark leafy greens that are sufficient in nutrients. They are also known to doing wonders in your mental health. Spinach is rich in vitamin K and folic acid that helps the brain to function at ease. It is also known to boost retentive memory and prevention of dementia.

#2 Oranges.Oranges have been found to mormalize blood pressure when one is under constant stressful situations. The fruit is also a good source of vitamin C and scientists have approved it as a healthy brain food.

#3 Dried Apricot. These contain more nutrients that any other known. With magnesium, they act as stress buster and helps in calming down tensed muscles. Apricot contains vitamin B that helps to cure nervous system disorders like hyperactivity, mental fatigue and memory loss.

#4 Chocolate. Chocolate contains endorphins which causes the brain to release happy feelings. The cocoa in chocolate helps boost neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and tryptophan in the brain. They work as antidepressants.

#5 Walnuts. Walnut contains omega 3 to fight depression. They also contain zinc that acts as healing agent against stress.

If you noticed here is that these foods mentioned here most have anti depressant components, hence it is much more important to keep stress at bay. Stress is a number one cause of aging that you should always fight.

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